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Candidates for the entry level jobs with the US Postal Service may obtain a free pamphlet entitled Publication 60-A that was created back in 2004. It is designed to give job seekers a general overview of the postal hiring process, but does not provide step by step instructions, nor does it serve as a study guide for the exam, or as a coach for the interview.

This USPS document includes sample questions for each section of the exam, which may give candidates a false impression that the exam is very easy. The questions themselves are not all that difficult. The issue is time. In order to score well enough on the exam to get invited to the interview, you must be able to answer the questions correctly, AND at a pace fast enough so that you complete the entire exam. For this reason, simply having the sample questions does not adequately prepare a candidate to score well on the exam.

In addition, the other three steps in the process are important, and often taken for granted. The Search process can be difficult because four of the five ways you can search for jobs at the USPS site do not work properly and indicate a “no results found” message causing most candidates to overlook the majority of jobs that actually are available. The online application is tricky and it’s easy to make careless mistakes. Proper guidance can prevent candidates from getting eliminated. During the interview, certain question will be asked. Coaching ahead of time can dramatically improve your performance and outcome.

Because candidates are hired based on their performance throughout the entire postal hiring process, it’s very important that candidates do well in each step. Assistance is now available for postal job candidates that provides all the tools, resources and live support needed to perform well enough in each step of the hiring process to keep moving forward.

For details on what is included, please visit The Program page of this website. In short, by registering for this program, you will have access to the following items, which are not provided by the USPS:

  • Job Locator – All current job openings, updated daily, on a geo map to make it easy to find jobs
  • Job Alerts – Receive an email each time a new job opening becomes available in your area
  • Tips for Each Step – Easy to follow, detailed step by step directions for the entire hiring process
  • Postal Exam Simulator – Allows you to practice taking full length exams ahead of time so that you have a chance to learn how to score in the 90’s consistently before taking the official exam
  • Live Support – Informed and helpful agents available to provide individual assistance and guidance

USPS vs Postal Jobs Authority Program
USPS logo Postal Jobs Authority Logo
General Overview of Hiring Process
Overview Last Updated November 2004 March 2014
Sample Exam Questions
Full Length Practice Exams
Automatically Timed & Graded Simulated Practice Exams to Take Prior to Official Exam
Job Locator Tool (geo map of all current job openings)
Job Alerts (via email as new job openings become available in your area)
Tips to Help You Perform Better in Each of the 4 Steps of the Postal Hiring Process
Live Support for Individual Assistance

As you can see from this table, registering for the program enables candidates to receive far more in the way of assistance than those who do not.

Make a move in the right direction, and take advantage of the assistance made available to you.

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What's Included with My Registration?

To help you get hired by the USPS as quickly as possible, once you register, you will be given immediate access to each of the following:

  • Personal Placement Assistant – A designated person on staff assigned to you, to help you get hired, available weekdays from 9 am to 9 pm EST
  • Postal Exam Simulator – The official postal exam is given on a computer and is timed, so it helps to practice ahead of time on a computer, rather than from a book. Our online simulator allows you to practice taking replicated postal exams, which are automatically timed and graded, and teach you how to achieve a higher score.
  • Video and Booklets – To guide you and help you succeed in each step of the postal hiring process
  • Job Locator Tool – A much easier way to find USPS jobs that are available now in your area
  • Postal Job Alerts – Receive an email each time a new job opening at the USPS becomes available in your area
  • “Pass the Exam or It’s Free” Guarantee – Our program is guaranteed. We are so confident in the assistance we provide, if you don’t pass the exam, your registration is refunded in full.
  • Starting Bonus of Up to $1,000 – Once you are hired, simply share your success story on video, and you will receive your Starting Bonus of up to $1,000.

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